Have A Refreshing Bath With Easy Access Baths


Simple access baths are designed to facilitate the bathing experience. These baths feature a variety of features tailored to meet the particular needs of the disabled as well as the elderly. Unlike the traditional baths, the easy access baths permit individuals with limited mobility to relish a refreshing sit in or sit up bath without worrying about falling or slipping.

The elderly as well as the disabled users aren’t the sole ones who’ll reap the benefits of the simple access baths. These contemporary walk-in baths are suitable for everybody. They’re the perfect bathing option for the whole family.

Features of Easy Access Baths

Easy Access Layout
The easy accessibility layout of the bath allows people who have mobility issues to bath confidently. They have a rejuvenating bath without needing to lift their legs to go into the tub and can now soak in the water. The easy entry baths feature a little door on the physique of the bath which allows the bather to enter and leave the bathtub comfortably. The easy entrance bath can look like another traditional watertight tub, once the door is shut. Moreover, the upscale baths feature security glazed door that slides back easily to make a space that is sizable to facilitate entry and exit in the bath.

The Simple Access Bath is flexible. It can function as a sit down shower, standup a deep soak bath together with shower. The top features of the bath might be fixed correctly to satisfy your unique bathing needs.

Safety Features
The security functions integrated in the Easy Access Bath layout minimise the danger of accidents while bathing. The do or threshold that is reduced lets aged users and others with limited mobility to gain access to the tub easily. Grab rails can be found to prevent bathers from slipping on the floor of the tub. By installing a Simple Access Bath with magnetic drape the danger of falls resulting from the bath drape wrapping around the bather may be removed.

Seats that are adjustable
The shower seats that are foldable enable users to change the soaking bath right into a sit back shower. In addition, the peak of the seats could be corrected to facilitate your bathing experience farther.

Thermostatically Controlled
The thermostatically controlled water-supply system of the bath keeps the temperature of the bath water to create the perfect bathing atmosphere.

Rapid Emptying
The plugholes of the bath help to drain water rapidly. By pressing the clicker waste stopper situated on the floor of the bath together with your foot, water can be drained only.