Recommendations On Transforming Your Bath


Everyone understands how lavish a relaxing, deep, warm bath may be. These times we often desire a quick and thorough clean but simply don’t have to time to run a bath and soak our problems (and the filth!) away. However, there’s an easy alternative. You are able to keep the extravagance of your bath and also have the ease of a shower by installing a bath and shower screen over your bath.

Is Your Bath Acceptable?

It is best to check the suitability of your existing bath, before you buy a fresh shower and bath screen. When it comes to providing water, modern showers can really pack a punch and this force might be enough to transfer the bath screen out of place only enough to cause water to either flow or drip over the edge of the bath and onto the floor.

Naturally, the reason of a bath display is really to deflect water from the shower and disperse it back to the bath. Your bath might have raised or depressed handles. Both will impede the potency of the seal of the display. Or your bath might have a curved or bevelled edge or rim rather than a flat one.

Bath displays are in their most effective when placed along a horizontal, level-rimmed bath. The wall your shower is fitted on as well as the surrounding walls should be tiled or waterproofed and, even though bath screens are comparatively lightweight, durable and supportive.

What Type of Display?

Modern bath screens not only seem classy they are highly durable. Made safety glass they put in a light and airy feel to any bath, creating a feeling of spaciousness, some thing a shower curtain simply can’t do. There are various kinds of glass to choose from: various designs, and clear, frosted or patterned including square or round cornered, solitary or multi-sectioned.

Among typically the most popular sort nowadays is the four-fold. Bath screens that are single, whilst powerful and stylish, fold inwards towards the bath like a gate. Four fold displays yet, utilize a “concertina” action: when they are not required they just fold back against the wall.

They not only look great, they can be compact, neat, room-saving and consequently highly practical. They make it more easy to get out and in of your bath when you opt to have one. Bath screens therefore are considerably more hygienic than curtains, which are prone to mildew and are not difficult to install, easy to wash. For your satisfaction, check that your choice of screen is created from toughened safety glass.

The Very Best of Both Worlds

What if you really want to have a routine size shower but want a bath at the same time? Smaller bathrooms will fight to hold two separate units. The answer is a shower bath! Shower baths are combination models that have a unique P-shape design. The spigots end of the bath resembles a usual bath, but the shower finish is marginally “bowled”, hence the P-shape.

That indicates more room to maneuver around. They come complete with a fitted display along with your choice of shower. Having a shower bath you’ll have what’s actually a spacious shower enclosure and a full-size bath. The extra space a shower bath takes is marginally more than a full size bath that is routine so will easily fit into the average size toilet without difficulty.