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Officialbreckenridgelodging.com can be used by anyone who are informed about its governing terms of use. Make sure to read each description so you will know your rights and responsibilities while using the website.

Website Registration

a. This is a service website and we are very glad that you will also register on the website.

b. If you are not below 18 years old, you can register and get full access to our services.

c. When registering, you have to key in the information as asked on the forms we will be giving you to fill out online.

d. Make sure not to misrepresent any details so you will not be blocked from using the website.

e. Secure your username and password since these can be only the way to get access and any malicious things done using your accounts can be possible. Make sure to be extra cautious.


a. The contents of any forms are properties of this website; hence, based on the copyright law, you are not allowed to copy and distribute these contents for any reasons. However, if you will do for personal reasons, then you may as long as you have to refrain from using it for commercial and malicious purposes.

b. There are posts owned by websites linked to us. You may use their contents but their terms of use will also be applied.

Using the website services

a. As a registered owner, you can post your comments and join the discussion boards. We also have an available email service.

b. You can also post blogs relevant to the niche we maintain. However, make sure to be responsible enough to your posts.

c. Your contents are screened and edited and may be rejected by the admin when it is found to have many flaws and to have misrepresented information. If you insist, this may even lead to termination of your account.

d. When posting, you need to follow the format guidelines like the video length and quality to be followed and the pixels for the photos.

e. When posting, make sure to observe the following:

i. The contents that misrepresent or that may destroy the image of the company are not acceptable;

ii. The posts must be relevant to the niche of this website;

iii. Links that may be directed to other websites to harm the company, its employees and its suppliers and other stakeholders are prohibited;

iv. Contents that contain viruses and malware and other types destructive programs should be avoided and are screened which may only cause termination of your account;

v. The contents that contain pornography and any forms of violence are not allowed;

vi. Spamming issues are not tolerated;

vii. And other offensive acts contrary to the copyright law should be avoided.


a. You can use this website for free.

b. Do not give any amount to any individual or entity for the use of this website. However, if you contact the service providers and sellers to buy products, you will be paying for your purchases at agreed price.

c. The prices posted on the website are from the suppliers and contractors we recommend. However, any changes made are not within our responsibilities.