Working With A 3 Phase Power System

Most power plants in the world transmit energy to the target areas using the 3 phase power system. However, when the power reaches the consumer areas, it can be either in single phase or 3 phase systems. Single phase consists of both the single and dual phase since the dual phase still uses the same concept as the single phase. Homes are usually supplied with power through the single phase system. However, in industries and large businesses which require a high supply of energy, the 3 phase power system is the best.


In circumstances where the building you are leasing is supplied with the single phase power system, it is possible to convert it to the 3 phase power system. It is advisable to do so because the machinery required in large businesses and industries are often 3 phase in nature. This is because these machines require high voltage to be powered. Therefore, if you are looking for a building to lease, it is important to find out which power system it has.

Machines that are 3 phase in nature usually draw less current compared with those that are single phase. Therefore if you want to minimize your utility bills, you would rather use such machines.

The other advantage about 3 phase machines is that they can start on their own. The 3 phase power system usually supplies power through the three phases in three intervals of equal spacing. They also do so in a rotating manner. This effect creates a magnetic field that enables the motor to start without a capacitor.

Machines supplied with 3 phase power end up lasting longer than those that are supplied with single phase power. This is because they experience less vibration and as a result, they not only work better, they are also preserved.

In the 3 phase power system, your machines receive a constant supply of power as opposed to the single phase system where the power supplied is not constant. That is another reason why this system is preferable in industries that need machines that are constantly running.

Other Equipment

When it comes to the equipment required in the 3 phase power transmission, it is possible to use conductors which are generally thinner than the ones used in the single phase system. Although this may not necessarily be your concern as a business owner, it can help you to understand why the 3 phase power installation is cheaper. Therefore if you are setting up your own premises, you would rather go for the 3 phase power system since you will need less wiring and gadgets too.

However, in terms of complexity of the networks, the 3 phase one is more complex. This is primarily because it has four wires. These are the three phase wires (which are three in number) and one neutral wire. The single phase system only has two wires- the one phase wire and one neutral wire. It is interesting to note that although the network is complex in the 3 phase power system, efficiency, costs, maintenance and even installation is much better compared with the single phase system.